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Friday, March 2, 2012

All Good Cafe- Dallas,TX

This self proclaimed, "straight out of Austin" cafe is highly reviewed and has been nominated for best breakfast in Dallas by several publications, including the Travel Channel, D Magazine, and The Dallas Observer. Offering a very relaxed, eclectic environment All Good Cafe is a full service restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the Deep Ellum community and all of us who are willing to travel for good food. It is a "come as you are" kind of place and is full of character. The restaurant boasts using locally sourced ingredients and was packed with the regular customers during our Sunday morning visit.

The menu offers a variety of modestly priced traditional and Tex-mex breakfast entrees, in addition to mimosa and coffee. Our sampling included the Austin migas, their renowned bacon, biscuits gravy, a buttermilk pancake, and of course coffee and mimosa.  Portions sizes were good, the food was very flavorful and appeared fresh, however our experience was not the best and our food did not come out hot. The pepper bacon was tasty and probably the best. The buttermilk pancake was large and fluffy, but was only an average hot cake. The Austin Migas was good,  the green chili salsa was zesty, however they only serve corn tortillas which is very disappointing for those of us who like flour tortillas with their migas.

The causal concept of the restaurant was also very apparent in their unique approach to service with most employees working at a very relaxed, easy going pace, although the restaurant was packed with waiting customers on a Sunday morning. The waiting situation was highly disorganized and very slow for such a busy and apparently popular restaurant. The dinning room might be a bit too cozy. Very small tables placed in every crevice offered barley enough room for the large plates they used to server breakfast. The larger more reasonable sized tables were used to seat multiple parties, packing in customers any way possible. 

In addition the rock n' roll and abstract decor, the service staff added the most ambiance! The servers were all friendly enough, but had very interesting, Deep Ellum looks that took no consideration to the fact that they were working in a restaurant which servers food to the public. The rugged, scruffy, unkept looks maybe something you want to find in Austin, but you here you are most likely going to find it in your food in the form of hair, jewelry, or some other foreign object.
All Good Cafe- Top 20 "Best Breakfast in Dallas" D Magazine 2010 
All Good Cafe has earned some good notoriety for having the best breakfast in Dallas, but clearly failed to deliver the goods during this visit. Although this may have just been a fluke, similar comments from peer reviews on Google and Yahoo tell a similar story with on average ratings on Yelp and Trip Advisor. Good luck!

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