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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Crossroads Diner-Dallas, TX

It is because of restaurants like this I write this blog.  From everything I read about Crossroads Diner and their famous "sticky buns" I thought it was a must try. After all this restaurant was well reviewed by D Magazine and carries the reputation of chef Tom Fleming. As a casual, full service cafe they offered a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options. The interior of the building and the dinning room was very bright, open, and fresh giving a good first impression.

The food on the other hand was less impressive. Although it was clear this restaurant was attempting to offer a quality focused menu, they failed to execute it. Sampling several items including their famous Sticky Buns, a frittata, sausage tacos, hash browns, buttermilk pancakes, and coffee was truly a disappointment.  The sticky bun (a cinnamon bun topped with carmel sauce) was covered in a warm carmel sauce and nuts, but it was not really a WOW item and the cinnamon roll itself was dry and very stale. The hash browns served with the frittata were hard, chewy, and clearly not fresh. The frittata itself wasn't bad, if not below average. The flour tortillas served with the tacos were over heated and also bad, breaking apart as the taco were folded. The buttermilk pancake was ok and the syrup was only average making this pancake an ordinary stack of flap jacks. The coffee was good and the staff was very friendly.

Service was good, our food came out hot and fast. The open layout of the dinning room was a bit drafty and cold. Although the restaurant appeared to be clean and well kept, table were being cleaned with windex, rather then a sanitizing solution raising further doubt on this restaurant's reputation. Despite what the critics have to say about this restaurant I don't recommend it and unfortunately Crossroads Diner will not be considered for the 2012 Best Breakfast list.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I bet they are also serving nutrient-filled foods and dishes which were highly approve by nutritionists and dieticians.

  2. i doubt that. They have some sensible entrees, but to say they were approved by a nutritionist or dietitian is highly unlikely. I would encourage anyone to call ahead and ask if this is important to you.