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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Esperanza's Bakery Fort Worth, TX

Esperanza's Restaurant & Bakery is a family owned, local flavor which is undoubtedly popular and especially for their Tex- Mex style breakfast. As the sister restaurant to the famed Joe T. Garcia's, which is located just across the street in old town Fort Worth, Esperanza's Restaurant & Bakery is a Zagat rated and Trip Advisor favorite. With honorable mentions in Texas Monthly and by various other critics, this restaurant earned the opportunity to compete for DFW Breakfasts's Best Breakfast of 2012.

Located just off of North Main Street and Park Place Avenue, near the historic Stock Yards of Fort Worth, Esperanza's attracts tourist and locals serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and offers a full service bakery at the north entrance of the restaurant. Although sweet bakery breads are often a breakfast favorite, our focus was to experience breakfast on the full-service side of Esperanza's Restaurant.

Sampling the restaurant's "top items" on a couple of different occasions, the first breakfast selection to review at Esperanza's was their Migas (breakfast tacos) with Chorizo (Mexican sausage). This Tex-Mex favorite breakfast entree is prepared with eggs, white cheese, fried tortillas strips, shredded chicken, along with a mild red sauce, served with refried beans, Mexican style potatoes and flour tortillas. However this sample of the famed "house special" on our visits was poorly prepared with an unbalanced amount of corn strips, making it more of a nacho platter with eggs. The red sauce was also very mild and not exactly what a local would expect at an authentic restaurant such as Esperanza's. The tortillas served along with the Migas on the other hand were fresh, fluffy, and very tasty.

The Huevos Rancheros was also prepared with an unbalanced amount of ingredients. Prepared with two fried eggs on a toastada, topped with a ranchero sauce, this enteree was completely floating in ranchero sauce causing the tostada to become soggy and very disappointing overall.

Getting back to the basics of breakfast, their Buttermilk pancakes were not actually boosted as a specialty or house favorite, but as a breakfast favorite, it was sampled and following the trend of the other entrees, was not very spectacular. A bit over cooked and dry, the pancakes offered very little redemption for the Esperanza's breakfast.

The coffee however was a familiar Royal Cup brand and offered a mild arabica blend, perfect to compliment any breakfast.

The service during multiple visits to this restaurant has always been less than friendly and attentive. Although prices are very reasonable, portion sizes are large, and the restaurant itself provides an authentic ambiance, the overall value here is average, at best. Share your opinion here about what you think of Esperanza's. It may not make the DFW Breakfast, Best Breakfast of 2012, but Esperanza's has certainly become an icon in the Fort Worth area after 35 years and must be doing something right.

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  1. Wow! I'll definitely bake my own pastries and cake in my own. I just love sweets and cakes, they are all delectable.

  2. I appreicate the work done and its cool